Earning money from apps is the most widely used technique of these generations, people used so many apps to earn money online and later they simply transfer their money to there Paytm wallet.

Best apps to earn paytm cash
If you also want to earn paytm cash online, with putting very fewer efforts then you are at the right place in this article I am going to tell you about some best apps to earn free Paytm cash online in 2020.

Here I am going to share a list of Top 10 best apps to earn free Paytm cash so that by using it you also earn some Paytm cash easily.

Note - Before you start I want to tell you that by using these apps you cannot earn that much that you become rich but you can earn that much that you don't need to ask your father for the pocket money.

So without wasting much time let's get started......👍

Best Apps To Earn Free Paytm Cash


If you love to play games, then this app is going to be a great deal for you. It is one of the most addictive games where you can play the game like broken bulbs. This app presenting free paytm money for there users via winning the league or by inviting friends.

Earn free paytm cash from bulb Smash

Tips To Earn From Bulbsmash

  1. Download the app from the given link. 
  2. Once you signup Rs 10 will be credited to your Paytm wallet. 
  3. Send the referral link to your friends. 
  4. After each successful signup, you receive Rs 10 in your Paytm wallet. 


If you love to try new apps, then this app is going to be very useful for you. Cashboss pays its users for installing apps. The best part is that on each successful referral you get Rs 20 means by referring it with your 5 friends you can earn Rs 100.

Earn free paytm cash from Cashboss

Tips To Earn Money From Cashboss

  1. Download the Cashboss android app. 
  2. Install apps and earn money. 
  3. Share the referral link with your friends. 
  4. For every successful referral, you receive Rs 20 in your Paytm wallet. 


It is one of the most popular surveys taking app which helps you to earn free paytm cash online. You just have to register on the app and start taking surveys. The surveys are based on your interest. For each survey, you earn some points and you can redeem that points into your paytm wallet.
Earn free paytm cash from The Pannel Station

Tips To Earn Money From The Panel Station

  1. Download the app
  2. Register yourself
  3. Start taking surveys and earn points
  4. Redeem your points in your paytm wallet. 


Another awesome way to earn free paytm cash is Databudy.  Databudy provides you lots of tasks and cool games to play. After earning Rs. 50 you can transfer it to your paytm wallet. 

Earn free paytm cash from Databuddy

Tips To Earn Money From Databuddy

  1. After installing the app refer it to your friend and you get Rs 5
  2. When your friend redeems his/her first money, then you get Rs 10
  3. And transfer that money to your Paytm wallet


Pocket money is also one of the best apps to earn money online. It provides you lots of tasks and when you complete the task, they will pay you and you can transfer those earnings to your paytm wallet.

Earn free paytm cash from Pocket money

Tips To Earn Money From Pocket Money

  1. Download the app
  2. Register your self
  3. Start completing the tasks and get rewards
  4. Transfer those rewards to your paytm wallet. 

These were some of the best apps to earn free paytm cash in 2020. If you like this post then please do share it with your friends and comment on your favorite app. 

Best Apps to Earn Free Paytm Cash in 2020

In today's word blogging is getting tuff day by day so if you want to start a blog then it is very important that you select a good niche so that you can rank your blog and get success in blogging.

Best Niches for Blogging in India in 2019

Let us discuss some important benefits of choosing the Right Niche.

Importance of Choosing Right Niche

  1. Get Authority - By writing about a particular niche, you will get a better idea on that particular topic and you can write much better than anyone else on that topic and through this way, your readers, as well as Search engines, think that you have an authority on that topic.
  2. Better ranking - By writing good content on a particular topic search engines started listing you the top in their search result and though this you get better ranking in the search engines.
  3. Better monetization - Whether you use Google AdSense or any other ad network to monetize your blog you will surely get better earnings by selecting the right niche.

Now you know the importance of selecting the right niche for your website so here I am going to share a list of Top 10 best Niches for Blogging in India in 2020.

So let's get started.......👍

Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India in 2020

 1   Jobs & Careers 

Jobs and careers are one of the best topics that you can select for your blogging carrier. There are very few authority blogs that are present on this topic and by providing good content you can become an authority blog on this niche.

 2   Health and Fitness 

Health and fitness are one of the hottest topics you can think about. There is less competition on this topic but outside India, There are some good blogs on this topic but if you want to work for the Indian traffic then this niche can become the best niche for your blog.

 3   Technology 

Technology is one of the most popular niches for blogging. But this niche is quite tough but you can easily write about it. Technology is the most profitable niche for blogging as the CPM rates on this niche is very high.

 4   Sports - Cricket & IPL 

There is a lack of good sports blogs in India, especially about cricket you can fill this gap by creating a blog on this niche and covering all the events, people love to read your blog and moreover, you can make a good amount.

 5   Entertainment 

This is the niche on which you can write so many posts. It's one of the easiest niches and that's why this niche also has a little bit competition but if you sincerely do your job then surely you get better ranking then anyone else.

 6   Dating & Relationship 

The dating niche is one of the most trending niches, the new generation is coming to the internet for finding out relationship and dating tips and you can help them through your blogs.

 7   Automobile 

Between the younger generation, the automobile is very popular many young students have a passion for cars and bikes so you can use their passion as a niche for your blog.

 8   Real estate 

Real estate and properties are also a very good niche for your blog. If you know a little bit about this niche then definitely you get success in this niche.

 9   Banking & Finance 

Banking and finance are a very common niche but in India, only a few bloggers are working on it. Millions of people search for banking and finance solution, so if you have any idea then start writing on it.

 10   Arts & Culture 

There is not even a single website you can name which is working on the Arts & Culture niche in India. Although arts and culture is a difficult niche and not every one of you could write on it but it could be very profitable if you write.

So I hope that the list of Best niches for Blogger In India In 2020 is helpful for you. If you like this article then do share it with your friends and comment down that which niche is your favorite.

Best Niches for Blogging in India in 2020

Best Apps to do video calling in 2020. If you are searching for a android video calling app then in this article I am going to share a list of  Top 5 best apps to do video calling.

These apps are working all over the world for free, You just need a Internet that's all you ready to go.

So let's get started.....👍

Top 5 Best Apps To Do Video Calling

 1   AZAR 

Azar is one of the best video chatting application. In which you can add friends and do video chat with them on Internet. This app has 300 million downloads and exist in 160+ countries.

 2   HOLLA 

Holla is an another best random video chatting platform on this app you can randomly connect with any other user all over the world and do video chat with him or her.

 3   IMO 

IMO is a type of multitasking software, on IMO you can do text and video chat and you also add video status to your social accounts by using this software.

 4   WE CHAT 

We chat is a group based video calling app, in this app you can connect upto 500 members to your group chat and you all can do video conferencing at a same time.

 5   TANGO 

This is last one but not the least one. Tango is also one of the best app to do video conferencing. It has 100 million + downloads and you broadcast on it 24/7 all over the world.

So I hope that the list of Top 5 best apps to do video calling is beneficial for you and if you like these apps then do share it with your friends and comments down which is your favorite in these apps.

Best Apps To Do Video Callings In 2020

By Saturday afternoon, an Iranian Mahan Air flight will bring to New Delhi the swab samples of 300 Indians to be tested for the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) before they are cleared for their return home.

India is also working with the government of Iran to facilitate the evacuation of about 2,000 Indians stranded in Iran, and sending back about 2,000 Iranian nationals currently in India.To ensure that the Indians brought back from Iran are free of the coronavirus, the government is making arrangements to assay their test samples to clear them in batches for a flight back home
“It is a difficult task but we are working with the government of Iran on this to see how citizens from both sides reach their destination safely,” civil aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri said at a press conference.
India has sent a six-member team of scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to Iran to set up a makeshift laboratory so that people can be tested before flying back.
The team is in Tehran with equipment that is capable of testing at least 600 people.

“We have worked out an arrangement with the Iranian government wherein a ferry flight (of Mahan Airlines) from Iran will carry around 300 swab samples of Indians to Delhi, to be able to test and clear people for the flight back home,” said Puri.
Civil aviation secretary Pradeep Singh Kharola said, “We have advanced graded response as the flights were suspended to Iran due to the outbreak situation. We will allow Iran temporarily to fly into India; they will first bring the swabs and take their people back in the same plane.”
Indians whose samples test positive will not be allowed to board the flight home, but those who test negative are likely to stay under home quarantine for at least 14 days.
The embassy of Iran said in a statement: “Republic of Iran in New Delhi wishes to draw the kind Indian public attention to the following: Immediately after the announcement dated 26 Feb. 2020 of DGCA of India on suspension of all Iranian flights to India, the Islamic Republic of Iran bearing in mind the humanitarian aspect and urgency of the issue expressed its full readiness to establish some relief flights for immediate evacuation of all stranded nationals in both sides, taking into account all health protocols…”
DGCA is short for the Directorate of Civil Aviation.
India has so far evacuated 881 people in batches from the coronavirus outbreak city of Wuhan in China, and Japan.
“It should take about 4-5 days before we get to know whether we will be able to set up a laboratory there or not but meanwhile our scientists can collect and ship samples here. We have the capacity to test, and we are ensuring that it is done smoothly,” said a senior government official, requesting anonymity.

prevention and control of infectious diseases

Coronavirus outbreak: Swab samples of 300 Indians in Iran to arrive today

As we all know Google Adsense is one of the best contextual advertising networks. In earlier days the Adsense approval process was very easy. You create a new Adsense account, your account is reviewed and you easily get the approval. 

best ways to approve google adsense in 2019

But now the Adsense approval process has been changed and now it becomes very difficult to get verification from Google Adsense. 

So here in this blog, I am going to share a list of Best ways to approve Google Adsense account in 2020.

So without wasting much time let's get started..... 👍

Best Ways To Approve Google Adsense Account In 2020

 1   Create High-Quality Content 

Before applying for Google Adsense please be aware that your blog should have high-quality content. As the Google Adsense applications are checked by the Humans. So if your website doesn't have some good content, then please write it and then apply. 

 2   Use Responsive Blog Design 

Nowadays most of the internet searches are done through the mobile device so please be careful that your website must have responsive design. This can also increase the chances of getting Adsense approval. 

 3   Remove Unused Widgets 

Getting approval from Google Adsense website speed plays a very important role, the less time your website takes to load the good it is. So if your blog has unwanted widgets or plugins then please remove it as it can increase the loading time, which can badly affect your site. 

 4   Remove Other Ads Network 

When New bloggers don't get approval from Adsense they joined the other ads network and when they get nothing from there they again start trying to get approval from Adsense, If you are also one of it then please remove other ads network codes before applying for Google Adsense. 

 5   Remove Copyrighted Material 

According to Google Adsense policies using copyrighted contents or images is illegal, So if your blog has contained any copyrighted image or content then please remove it and then apply for Google Adsense. 

 6   Create Important Pages 

According to new Adsense policies, your blog must have some pages like Contact us, About us, Privacy policy and disclaimer. So if your blog doesn't have all these pages then first adds these pages to your blog and then apply for Google Adsense.

 7   Write 10+ Unique Post 

Many people ask how many posts should they add on their website to get their Adsense approval then the answer is 10. You should have a minimum of 10 posts on your website before applying for Adsense. 

 8   Check Your Blog With Google Adsense Policy 

Make sure that your blog or website must follow the guidelines of Google Adsense policies, if your blog follow it then do apply for AdSense but if not then make sure that first, it follows the guideline and then apply

 9   Check Your Blog Language 

Before applying for Adsense please make sure that your blog language is supported by AdSense or not, if not then please change it and then apply.

* Languages Support  By The Adsense

 10   Remove Illegal Content 

If your blog contains any of the illegal content listed below then please remove it and then apply for Google Adsense. 
  1. Adult Content (Pornography) 
  2. Hacking
  3. Illegal Drugs
  4. Gambling
  5. Illegal weapons

So in this article, I have shared a list of Top 10 ways to get approve your Adsense account in 2019. I hope that it will work for you If you like this article then do share it with your friends and comment down your favorite method. 

Best ways to approve Google Adsense account in 2020

Hello, friends Welcome to all in my one of the most interesting blog in this blog I am going to share a list of Top 5 best PPD sites to earn money online and give the tips that how you can earn more by it.

What is PPD.....?

So, basically PPD is Pay Per Download as you know and it means that you will be paid when you upload documents and others download it. You can earn money by sharing your link on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc,.

Top 5 Best PPD Sites


  • Up-load.io is one of the best PPD sites to earn money online by uploading files.
  • Here you can get your payment on time, unlike other PPD sites who don't pay you after 2-3 payments.
  • You can earn up to 7 to 11 dollars per 1000 downloads.
  • Minimum withdrawal is of $5
  • Payment is made by PayPal & Bitcoin

 2  File-Upload 

  • It is another one of the websites by which you can earn.
  • You can upload music, images, files and app and a lot of things and you can earn from it.
  • Its minimum payout is of $1

 3  Daily Uploads 

  • Daily uploads is another one of the best sites to earn money online by uploading files 
  • You can earn up to $16 per 1000 downloads.
  • File size must of 1MB otherwise it will not count.
  • The minimum payout is $25.

 4  Up-4ever 

  • It is one of the best PPD sites without a survey.
  • It also provides you the option of creating a password on your file.
  • You can earn up to $15 per 1000 downloads.
  • Its minimum payout is $5.

 5  Upload Ocean 

  • It is also one of the best PPD sites to earn money online.
  • You should upload a file of greater than 100 kb to get rewarded.
  • Its minimum payout is $5

So I hope that the list of Top 5 best apps to do video calling is beneficial for you and if you like these apps then do share it with your friends and comments down which is your favorite in these apps.

Top 5 best PPD sites to Earn Money Online

In a toughly worded announcement, Moody's stated that the fissures from Britain's politics and society vulnerable by its still-unresolved choice to leave the European Union will be long-lasting

Moody's warned on Friday that it may reduce its rating on Britain's sovereign debt saying that neither of the primary political parties in next month's election was anticipated to handle high borrowing amounts which Brexit had left harder to repair.

In a toughly worded announcement, Moody's stated that the fissures from Britain's politics and society vulnerable by its still-unresolved choice to leave the European Union will be permanent.

"It would be optimistic to suppose that the formerly cohesive, predictable way of laws and policymaking at the united kingdom will reunite once Brexit isn't any more a controversial issue, however that's accomplished," the rating agency said.

Moody's stated that Britain's 1.8 trillion pounds ($2.30 trillion) of people debt more than 80 percent of yearly economic downturn - risked rising and the market might be"more vulnerable to consequences than previously presumed."

Both of the primary political parties have claimed big spending gains before next month's election.

"In today's political climate, Moody's finds no substantive pressure for debt-reducing monetary policies," the ratings agency said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson known as the December 12 election in an effort to break the deadlock over the way, and even though, the nation should leave the EU, over three years following the Brexit referendum.

Moody's stated that the"rising inertia and, occasionally, paralysis which has characterised the Brexit-era policymaking process" revealed how the UK's institutional framework has diminished.

Even once Britain was outside of the EU, doubt could stay due to the"major challenges" of attaining a upcoming transaction deal with the bloc, '' it stated.

Any indications that Britain was not able to replicate the advantages of EU membership with commerce prices in Europe and outside could also be damaging for its evaluation.

Moody's stated that the authorities, after decreasing a budget deficit that jumped to 10 percent of GDP in 2010, was willing to"move the goalposts" on making additional progress.

"Successive governments have declared substantial, permanent increases in public expenditures, most especially a huge rise in spending on the National Health Service, beyond the standard calendar for monetary policy changes and with no comprehensive policy programs," it stated.

UK spending Strategies, Brexit paralysis Set rating at risk: Moody's

Actress Malaika Arora states she confronted prejudice inside the because of her complexion.

"I arrived in some moment at the industry once this great thing concerning darkskinned, fair skinned was therefore predominant and that I had been consistently put in to the darkened category in order I has been there originally therefore… that prejudice was consistently there again," Arora explained.

Arora, famous for dance into music like'Chaiyya Chaiyya',''Gud Naal Ishq Mitha',''Maahi Ve' and'Munni Badnaam Hui', was talking within a event of Neha Dhupia's tradition,'#NoFilterNeha time of year 4'.

The mum of a person, who's regularly in the news headlines because of the connection with celebrity Arjun Kapoor, additionally explained that she does not worry concerning trolls.

"PersonallyI always care a damn… I mean, even should I need to express as crudely, I always care a [expletive]. The one thing which springs to mind is I simply feel awful to people outthere who converse or act a particular method. I would suggest as if you have Id be very awakened on mind or you also have Id be very non selfesteem or gotkindly be some form of you personally understand foryou to truly sit belittle some body else or disturb some body else or become dreadful," she explained.

"I would suggest you've gotta have plenty of difficulties together with to do only as you own a stage. And you are discriminated which means that you believe that it's that your birthright. I consider this like that. I'm very awful to these," Arora additional.

Malaika Arora was as Dark Skinned in Bollywood

Delhi Air Harms Its Residents' Health All Year Round, Not Only in Widespite the fact that the pollution strikes the headlines throughout the winter, physicians say the challenge isn't limited to those peak pollution . 

As per a study performed by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, wellness of the people residing in the funds is influenced by the air quality throughout the year.

Pollution levels in Delhi have been on a constant increase after the withdrawal of monsoon mid-October this past year. Even though Diwali parties in the last week of October resulted in a significant fall in air quality, the prevailing stubble burning actions pushed the pollution amounts to'Intense Plus' category. Since the Air Quality Index (AQI) surpassed the 500 mark, a public health crisis was effectively announced last Friday from the Delhi-NCR area.

This is the narrative of Delhi annually --the analysis finds that between the months of October and January, there's a 40 percent gain in the amount of individuals with severe respiratory ailments which seek emergency attention in the AIIMS. While the growth in adult patients is roughly 30 percent, the amount of kids with aggravated symptoms increases around 50 percent.

What's more worrying is the wellbeing of Delhi's inhabitants is influenced all around the calendar year, rather than only when the pollution levels act as'acute' (simply crossing the 400 AQI markers ) in winter. The preliminary findings indicate that cases wherein the contamination levels grow slightly during the year will also be enough to send the patients into the hospital's emergency department.

Thus, Dr. Randeep Guleria, manager, AIIMS, considers the government should do whatever it could to bring the threshold where they begin taking action to curtail pollution. Speaking to Hindustan Times, he stated that even smaller growth in pollution levels during the year contribute to increased respiratory sufferers.

This study study lasted for 24 weeks, between June 2017 and May 2019. In this period of time, approximately 70,000 adults and 56,000 kids that visited the hospital's emergency department were also screened. When subjected to elevated levels of contamination, symptoms like incessant cough, cold, breathlessness, wheezing and tightness in chest lasted in those patients for up to six days.

Aside from AIIMS, information for the study was collected from other centers, viz. Kalawati Saran Children's Hospital, National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases, and Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute. nter: Study

Delhi Air Harms Its Residents’ Health All Year Round, Not Just inWinter: Study

Irdai has Requested Reliance Health Insurance Company to Move the Whole policyholders' Obligations Together with Monetary assets to Reliance General Insurance

The Firm, which Started its operations in October This past Year, has N't Managed to Keep the required solvency margin Because June 2019
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai), on Wednesday, arranged Reliance Health Insurance Company (RHIC) to prevent selling new policies and move the whole policyholders' obligations together with monetary assets to Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd (RGICL) with effect from November 15, 2019. The organization, which started its operations in October this past year, hasn't managed to keep the necessary solvency margin because June 2019 and has been followed by Irdai repeatedly.

Solvency margin suggests whether a business is solvent enough to have the ability to pay up for its obligations. It's the perimeter of assets over liabilities. It's compulsory for all life and non-life insurance companies to maintain this funds according to Irdai's Assets, Liabilities and Solvency Margin of Insurers Rule 2000. "Solvency margin is an integral index to appraise an insurer's capability to pay all dangers it's coated on the marketplace. Whether it is going to affect policyholders is contingent upon the characteristic of company (profitable/not rewarding ) underwritten and consequent assert ratios," explained Mahavir Chopra, manager, health, lifestyle & tactical initiatives, Coverfox.com, an electronic insurance provider.

Be aware that health insurers have to keep a 150 percent solvency margin. Between June and August, RHIC's solvency margin increased to 77 percent from 106 percent. Back in September, following the solvency margin climbed to 63 percent, the regulator requested the insurer to never make any payments towards capital expenditure or towards some of the associated parties of RHIC. Back in October, Reliance Capital Ltd, the only promoter of this insurance company admitted to the offenses (in a letter to Irdai) and stated that the induction of a new investor wasn't moving as envisaged and consequently would love to amalgamate the firm with RGIC. Irdai has requested RHIC to ensure policyholders aren't affected in the long term because of its incapacity. "Clients will probably not get affected since RGICL has said there's only a marginal effect on their own solvency ratio as a result of merger," said Chopra. During these occasions, insurers are expected to submit plans of their merger into Irdai that comprise insuring eloquent claims and client service transition.

 "The goods will get incorporated to the RGICL portfolio and clients will just have a shift in the title of the goods, customer support numbers, etc., which RGICL will have to communicate effectively with all the clients of RHICL. Policyholders shouldn't do anything aside from anticipating communication through different modes and know about the shift in toll-free amounts, site etc," additional Chopra. Mehta also said no substantial effect is anticipated because the agency's customer base is rather modest. "Similar situations have happened in the past where a single insurer has abandoned the country and moved their publication to a different insurer so that it's not anything to be concerned a lot about," said Mehta.

Reliance Health Insurance ordered to stop selling policies